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I Love Wait Wait don't tell me, on NPR. Every Saturday I either listen or get the podcast.  This last week had a "Bluff the Listener" segment that was all about the reworkings of classics to get a younger audience.
One of the options was a marshmallow version of the Iliad. 

The true story, the novel to be published in April is….

Wait for it.

Pride and Prejudice and ZOMBIES!

Yes that's right.
The first zombie attack takes place the night of the Netherfield Ball.

Turn in your grave Jane….Turn!

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My Friends Dad died today, It made me so sad.  I remember when I thougth mom was going to die.  I hated that.  I've got her kids with me tonight, and we had a very interesting discussion on death and resruection. One kid said, "if one of my brother's caught on fire I'd just jump in the fire with him, cause I don't want to live if one of my brothers is dead". We got into a big discussion of life and death, and talked about God raising people from the dead, and why sometimes it's people's time to go.  It was Good, and deep, and very 2nd grade 🙂 and remarkable apropos due to the season. So then we played lego starwars, and now are watching Over the Hedge.  
I've re-watched A room with a View this week.  I love the movie with a passion.  Been rehashing Jane Austin with my sister.  I think my dream man is a mixture of Mr. Nightly, Mr. Darcy, and Captain Wentworth.  So many good quallitys, and memorable times with my little sis, comparing and contrasting the versions of Pride and Prejudice.  Can you believe she's never read mansfield park?  Sad but true.  I'm going to have to work on her education.
I've been listening to snow patrol today, I love the melencholy.

On another note, this last trip I took home to England was Sweet. One of the things that was interesting was the moment that I realized I didn't have to plan anything for Easter this year.  It was an odd combination of relief, regret, and slight panic.  I think I don't know exactly who I am when I'm not doing something, and not having a 'role' is kinda killing me.  I don't know what to do about it. I don't think it is that I need a role to feel valued, its more like I feel like i'm not doing worthwhile things, which heightens the feeling of treading water, Like I'm not able to get anywhere, just keeping afloat is all I can manage. 

Ok Kids safely tucked in bed. Tomorrow I'm taking them swiming.  Toby, the sighing dog, is outside for a jaunt before bed, and i'm sitting in for a good womanly film, and trying to ignore how much i'm actually enjoying playing mom.

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