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So I've decided to continue my month of no meat for another month.  It's not been that difficult and I still have not done a lot of experimenting with making foods, so I need to do some of that before adding back meat.  However I've decided to reward myself on the completion of a month by having some good Sushi.  I've been craving that a darned sight more than other Meat, which I suppose is a good sign.

Actually the other day I had a hamburger from Wendy's and didn't enjoy it half as much as I thought I would.  That's a good thing.

Frustrations though:

I know this is about health and lifestyle, but I'm really bummed that my body is not reflecting the eating choices.  By this I mean I have made very positive omitions and quadrupled the amount of fresh Fruit and Veg in my diet, and not added anything that amps up fat or caloric intake, and yet, clothes still fit the same.


Despite this there are some good things happening.

Asside from when I ate the Burger at Grindstone Charlies, and the day I had the Large Starbucks Iced Mocha, I have had no IBS episodes.  This is particularly amazing when you know that I pretty much had one every 36hrs or so.  Also, contrary to pop culture belief, I've also been less gassy.  Nice.

I think that my body is really adjusting to a lot of stuff and reacting weirdly.  Mostly I've had salt cravings.  Majorly. I imagine that my body is used to a much higher sodium intake than I've been giving it, and therefore it is really going through salt withdrawl.  I'm trying to ease it with things that are better for me than chips.  Things like Sunflower Seed. Crack. Spit. Enjoy.

I do want to start adding back in fish and poultry at the end of June though. If anyone has good recepies for either let me know, especially the fish.  Also, a good French Onion Soup recepie would not go amiss.

Thanks for the encouragement all.

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First off, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who gave advice when I posted my intentions for May's Meat Free adventures. Some of the advice reinforced stuff I knew and some was a big help.

This first week (9 days to be exact) has been surprisingly easy. 
The things I've learned I need to do:

Make sure I have water:
Shop weekly:
Have at least 3 meals ready to take with me to work:
Not drive by Port-a-Pit Chicken barbecues.
Plan ahead.

Peeing much more than usual (sorry if this is TMI)
Mid Morning tired slump is gone.
The need to snack for energy is less.
I bet I could do Vegan before 6 or something close to it when this time is over.
I may actually be able to do longer than a month.
I was weirded out by buying tofu….odd.
I need to learn how to cook more vegetarian food.

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So, Hmmm, where to begin.
One of my goals in life at the moment is to become more healthy.  However I have Caveats.  I mean Caveats.
The thing is, I hate diets.[1]
I also REALLY hate the concept of Working Out.[2]
I will not count calories or pounds/inches lost.
Here is my goal.  Within the next two years I will radically change the way I live and eat so that a) good behaviors are a habit not a chore and b) the food I eat is predominantly ethical and organic and c) I build movement and fitness into every day life in simple, effective, and integrated ways.
This means that I have to plan schedule in advance, and meals are thought through.
This means that I have to choose ways of integrating fitness into life.
This means I have to do research on companies and shop more effectively.
This means I have to research on how to best eat and move

So here's what I've already begun:
  -Breakfast is Fruit and veg only
  -Lunch, while mostly veg, can include dairy and egg.
  -Pop is very rarely imbibed (this really hurts.  Really)
  -Bread is used sparingly and is organic and whole grain only
  -Eating out is only when with others
  -I always park on the far end of the parking lot when going into stores and work
  -I try to use the stairs at work, unless someone is waiting for service at the other end
The other thing, the thing that made my mom about fall over, is that for the month of May I'm going to be vegetarian, me and shush now, unless someone prepares meat for me (hence the Amberella created term Polite-itarian.  Vegetarian unless it's impolite to be so).
When the month is over I'm going to start introducing things like fish (which I need to learn how to prepare…any ideas folks?) and chicken and turkey. I'm going to use ground Turkey instead of ground beef in recipes, and avoid red meat as much as possible.  I'll also make sure that all meat products are eaten no more than one meal a day, and are from responsible farms.
Truth be told, this really scares me.
I'm not sure I know how to cook vegetarian.  I'm not sure I can do it.  I've thought about going vegan from time to time but a) way too much work and b) Cheese.

Any tips anyone?  Encouragement?
Again, I'm wanting to build a way of life here, so anything people can advise that will help the process will be greatly appreciated.

1.  I think if you 'diet' that there are many pitfalls. Either a) you do something that is not very sound nutritionally or b) is faddish or c) is predominantly liquid.  The other major downfall is that you spend all your time focused on the food you eat or can't eat, and you don't change a lifestyle or get food in the proper proportion in your life, so becomes so much of a focus that it's all you think about and therefore not mentally healthy.
2.  I think the idea of exercise is a good thing, but in proportion, and integrated in life.  Working out is wasted time to me unless I'm with someone and we use the time to be involved in each others lives.  Walking for exercise sake is stupid, walking to work accomplishes something other than raising your heart rate.  Taking a bike ride to work out is boring, biking to enjoy the scenery, to get some place, as a social activity, that's better.  I just don't want to "WORK OUT". I want to build fitness into my life in integrated ways, so that running to a gym, or putting in a DVD isn't necessary.

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