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Volunteering at the Obama Town Hall Mtg in Elkhart!


Group 1the very tail end of the lineAnnie waiting in anticipationThe grand entranceGreeting the supportersThe lone Amish guy in the crowd.Obama working the crowdObama feilding questionsObama answering questions

Yeah, it was pretty freakin' amazing.  Obama rocks.
He did have some very good things to say, and I really appreciated the long term thought with which he addressed issues and questions raised.
I had to get up at 4am, and then was on my feet from 6am to about 12 noon, and am now working at the hotel 11 pm.  So I'll be sleep in tomorrow.

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Stupid Michigan

So today I voted. 
And it really sucked.
I had to either a) not have my vote count for anything (thank you Democratic National Committee for you unwavering support of a primary election determined by a few states that consist of a less than complete picture of the diversity of this great nation as evidenced by refusing to seat any delegates from the great state of Michigan*) or b) vote for something I'd rather not have it count for.
Well. Since I was deprived of the ability to vote for Obama (sigh, something I've been longing to do since the 'audacity of hope' speech at the DNC 4 years ago) I went with b.
I checked 'Republican' as my party affiliation, and voted for Ron Paul.
Then I went home and washed my hands.

*Florida too! And I would really like to know…deep down…is it really legal what they did?  And if it is,as I sadly suspect, who can I slap for screwing me out of my constitutionally amended right?

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