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I babysat for Liliput and Mei-Mei last night (Mei just turned two and Lili is the most precocious 3 (almost 4) year old since…well…me. They're pretty much family to me, as I lived with them for 2 years.
I got there in time for dinner. As dinner was ending Matt (the father) had to head out.
He leaned in to Mei-Mei.
"Give me a kiss goodbye"
She did…a very wet, sloppy, full of cookie crumbs kiss.
"I love you" Said Matt.
Huge giggle from Mei.
She mumbled and squealed something akin to "love you" back, all smiles
Matt leaned over Liliput and gave her a kiss, which she returned.
"I Love you" He said.
"I love you too, daddy" was her reply.
Matt turned to go
Liliput was indignant.
"Now Bekki!" she insisted.
Matt turned eight shades of red.
I cracked up.
"We don't do that" I said.
"Why not?" asked Lili.
"Because he's not my daddy" I replied, round about the same time Matt said "Because it's only for people who live here"
I could see Liliput's brain a-churning, and just as she opened her mouth to rebut that I used to live there I spurted, "NOW!"
"It's only for people who live here NOW!"
Then I told her that her Dad and I high five, which we did, and she grudgingly accepted.
It's ok.
I got plenty of Lovin' from this guy after they went to bed.

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So KT and Liliput got me some Mini Eggs (YUM) and were at the church, they drove by the house I was in a mtg at and saw my car. KT and Matt had a discussion about whether or not to drop them off in Bekki's car.  Liliput asked "who?" and they said "Bekki" and she said "MY BEKKI?!?!?" with great enthusiasm.  Then they were all puzzled…who else could she mean?  Her response…
"The Other Becky."
Matt and KT were clueless:
"The other Becky?  What does she look like?"
"You know.  With Brown hair."

I'm pretty sure she meant my friend Becky.  She met her once.  Months ago. Like 8 or so.

Any way. I called Liliput to thank her for the Eggs.  Matt answered the phone and handed it to Liliput, "Lilyput there's someone on the phone for you"
L:  What's your name
Me:  It's Bekki.  I'm calling to say thank you for the Eggs.
L: (in extreme excitement)  YOU GOT THE EGGS?

We had a fun conversation about Story Time at the Library and a few other things until she decided she was done. 

L:  See ya. Bye.(hands the phone back to her dad)

It was fun. A delightful conversation.
Man I miss that kid.

I didn't get to say hi to Mei Mei because Matt was pretty sure that Pizza sauce in the phone voided the warranty.

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….where Ross and Rachel's baby really liked 'Baby Got Back'?

Turns out Mei-mei…the 4 wk old in our house loves old school rap.
Quiets her right down.

It's tricky to rock this rhyme, to rock this rhyme thats right on time, it's tricky….

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