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Things on Tuesday

Banes of my existience:

-fracking cold.  Go Away!  I do not like being sick

-last three disks of Gilmore Girls Season 3 are not here yet

-fracking cold.

-Another baby on the way (not mine)

-Watching my friends suffer stress and hard times in thier relationships.

-I need a vacation

-training someone at work

-Loosing Matt. (RIP)

-That I can't manage to put my Laundry AWAY!


Where life is good:

-getting the phone call from a three year old telling me that "there's a baby in mommy's belly"

-My parents are good

-I graduated another RFI person. (we have a 95% non-recevitism rate)

-Flight of the Conchords season 2 on dvd!!!!!!!

-People liked my Mediterreanian Chicken with CousCous last night

-Talk with Dale and Realizing that Pinch Hitting isn't good for me, which gives me a good way to start a discussion with Church leaders about why I'm not happy.

-Julie and Julia is a fun book

-I have friends who call me and care when I'm GRR and a Mess.

-I got to take a brick out of the road that I'm paving to hell.  I got credited with saving someones marriage this week.

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Tuesday’s list


1.  Killing trees by using way too much paper at work.
2.  Having to drive everywhere
3.  Being tired.
4.  Not long enough with my friend and her new laptop because she had to go home.

1.  Being told 'I love you' unexpectedly and sincerely.
2. The Battlestar Galactica top 10 list.
3.  Re-reading 'Wicked'
4.  Spanky loving the pictures on my computer
5.  80's party on Friday
6.  Becky on the weekend.
7.  "Lost"
8.  Painting with Doreen, Talking with Doreen, Being challenged by Doreen.

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>falling in love with baby clothes I have no use for
>clothing sizes not being universal
>brassiere shopping (see last answer)
>adults who cannot wipe their own asses (metaphorically speaking)
>not getting to see ShushNow this week cause my schedule is GRRR!

>getting fussy Mei Mei to sleep in minutes despite the fact that she had shots today
>falling in love with baby clothes even though I have no use for them
>liliput pretending to use my makeup
>Obama's speech today
>stepping outside this morning, hearing the birds sing for the first time in a long time, and smelling the crisp, freshness that is spring

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