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Or so my bumpersticker says.  

ImageOne of the things I have found since arriving in D.C. are the abundance of specialty stores. Especially for hobbies and crafts. I have enjoyed checking out some of the yarn stores in the city.  My favorite is in Alexandria (technically not D.C. but accessible by metro).  The Fibre Space is a airy, funky space full of fibers and color. I love it there. I got to introduce it to a school friend whom I taught to knit. During spring break we went up and found some deliciously funky pink wool, fair trade from Uruguay. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

I have been doing a lot of knitting.  Purses mainly, and other accessories.  I’ve had a lot of fun. Knitting seems to be the thing that I can actually accomplish.  I can get that done.

So what have I made in the last I don’t know how long? Like it or not I am going to show you. They include a sweater for my good friend Kelly, a plush Tardis for my good friend Laura, purses for my mother, my cousin, my sister and my sister-in-law to be, and even one for myself.  Currently I am working on socks.  Socks.  Such fun.  We will see what comes next.



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Some of you  may remember the fantastic Lego-themed birthday party my friends threw for me on the occasion of my 40th Birthday earlier this year.  Since then I have been looking for ways to say thanks, and this time Serendipity [1] [2] stepped in to help.

Earlier this week I created a Tardis for my friend Amanda and her husband Mark, as a way of saying thank you for all that they did for me.

the Tardis



By “created” I do mean knitted.  I doubt this is going to be the last one I make.  I’m thinking of doing a slightly larger version that can hold a brick, and therefore prop a door open.




















[1] By this I mean a great knitting book called Knitting London that was given to me by my friend Courtney.  In it there are all kinds of knitting patterns, from the queen and her corgi’s to Big Ben, to a proper red Phone Box.

[2] By this I also mean two friends who have about as big a Doctor Who love as I do.


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So my friend Alesha got herself the stuff to make a sweater back in the '80's.  She asked me if I could finish it for her.

I agreed but with a few caveats.  First of all, I needed freedom to update it, as this is how it looked at first:

Yes look at that yummy 80's design.  I made quite a few changes.  Here's how it turned out (modeled on my pillow

I also did some clever fun with the sleeves and buttons and  edge.  Enjoy the montage of pictures down below.  Perhaps eventually I'll include the pretty picture of Alesha in her sweater.


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Becky’s carpet bag.

I just finished a present for a long time kindred spirit..wonderlenny  I knitted her the coolest bag ever. 

She and i picked out the materials,

I knitted for a while

and voila…

                                                                                           …she has the coolest bag ever.

She deserves it!

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What are three things you want to learn, and three things you can teach others to do? 
Submitted by bookishbiker.

I would like to speak French fluently, not just the halting stuff I know now.  I would like to be able to do silver and gold smithing, so that I can create all the Jewelry I wanted. I would like to learn how to skydive.
I can teach a bunch of stuff, but things I'm currently teaching are piano lessons/songwriting lessons, How to Knit, and  how to play Hand and Foot.

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