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I don’t have a land line at my house.  For the longest time it was just me there, so there was no need.  People could reach me on my cell.  Even though I now have a housemate, a land line is an extra expense we both are unwilling to pay.  However, we both mourn the loss of the answering machine.  There was something lovely to coming home and seeing the light blinking, and knowing that someone thought of you.

I seem to have replaced this in recent years by a visit to the mail box.  Even finding a new movie from netflix addressed to ME makes me a little happy.  Sadly most of what I get in the mail are bank statements, solicitations from Comcast and DishNetwork, and the occasional gun magazine.  Not quite sure where the latter came from. I don’t own a gun.

This being my life, when I read about the February mail challenge that some of my wordpress neighbors were undertaking, I decided to get on board.

The gist is this, every day in February when the mail runs (I believe there are 24 days) you send at least one thing through the mail.  The real mail, not the electronic kind.

To that end, I broke out the big stash of old stationary and cards.  I bought a bunch of fun stamps.  I’ve been writing.  So far, every day on my way to work I take a brief post box detour.

I’ve written some good letters in the past.  Some of you here got my hand-made acceptance letters to Hogwarts.  I wrote some interesting letters to my uncle back in college. When he died, they found them in his files.  That was cool.

I’ve gotten some good ones over the years too. Creative notes from housemates, missives from my family over the pond. Letters are good, especially when you get some back.

I’ve got quite a few planned, but there is room for more.

Anyone want a letter from me?  If so, let me know and I’ll get your address and send you something.  Who knows what it will start?



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Now that the last person has received them in the mail, I can finally show the world what my Dad helped me do over Christmas Holidays for some great friends.
We made them.
    Added personal touches.
         Mailed them from London.
Voila!  Perfect Christmas present for the Potter-phile in your 'verse.

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