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And I'm still in AWE!
Photo's of our day in Chicago and the awesome concert follow.

At GiordanosLoren and Kim at DinnerTim, Jon, and Alesha cheer on NDBruce and RachelIn the Cloud gate

And here we are preparing for Snow Patrol:

Chicago from Soldier fieldThe rest of the gangMy Party PeepsI swear it isn't photoshopped

And then the concert! 

Gary LightbodyBig Screen BonoScreen shotsaccoustic Bono and Edge

Check out the amazing stage and expanding screen that almost had me considering buying a Blackberry:

the bottom dropping outFalling in love with the screenAnd the pieces keep comingFully extended and blowing my mind

And just so we're clear. I want a Giant Spike of lights with a Huge Disco ball on top!

StageBlinding LightsGalaxy of Stars

Traffic jam on our way out.

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So I went to hang out with my friend Becky for Single Awareness Day.

We had a great time.
Cebolla's for Dinner, although the Elvis impersonator made conversation difficult. [1]
Then Slumdog Millionaire.

Let me just say, this is now in my top 10 movies of all time.
I think it was beautiful.

I really loved it. 
I think that you should all go out and watch it now.

I especially loved that it was filmed in the slums of Mumbai. It had such a level of realism and brought out both the beauty and the chaos that is in this city. The progression of the lives of the three main characters was interesting, how one hardened himself, one held on to a dream, and one sold herself.  All of them to survive. 

And then, the host of Millionaire.  Yikes. A more smarmy bastard you couldn't find.
The sound track was lovely and I think I'm going to go hunt it down too.

We also then had Starbuck's and conversation with Fiona.
And Texas Roadhouse half off courtesy of a former long term guest at My hotel.
Then Yummy Pepperoni/Cream cheese/pickle treats and Girl Scout Cookies with Roger and Fiona over Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog.

Overarching theme of conversation between Becky and myself throughout the weekend was why Becky and Kelly would or would not be great friends. [2][3]
(pros being deep love of Buffy and being on Team Angel, Veronica Mars appreciation, the respect for the urban cave, scary movies, the importance of a good read,  Heartbreakers, and sharing a deep love of Playing by Heart, Obama, anti-Sarah Palin sentiments, Great use of sarcasm, and a mutual understanding of my awesomeness :), Cons (on Becky's side) Kelly's not having seen Firefly, and the dismissal of Wonderfall's greatness) Kelly, Becky would like to know your stance on a) Moulin Rouge and b) Ben Affleck.

Anyway, enough of this random silliness. It was a good weekend, despite having to go to walmart, and spending way to much at World Market, and not getting to go to the Ft Wayne Art Museum.  That will have to be next time.
I'll blog about my great reading stretch later.

1.  My brother called while I was in dinner to debrief after watching the Meh Vicky Christina Barcelona.  It was so loud, Elvis wannabe crooning "It's now or Never" and he asked " Are you in your car?"  I was much offended to think that he had such a low opinion of my music tastes.  Egads.

2. I go through life on a daily basis reading or talking with either Becky or Kelly and think (depending on whom I'm talking to) that it sounds just like something the other would say.  I'm constantly saying to myself  "self, you should introduce the two." Then I'm worried about what might happen to the universe if they did ever meet.

3. She was convinced until I happend to mention that Kelly did not appreciate Wonderfalls, which was a deal breaker, until I mentioned that Kelly had read a book that seemed like Heartbreakers, and had a quoting knoledge of the same movie and it's random Jason Lee-ness.

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So I read this book,

Reaper Man
Terry Pratchett

 and it was lovely.  It continues the trend of me reading the Terry Pratchett's Discworld series in order.  This was the story of what happens when DEATH (who only speaks in capital letters) finds out that he's about to die. So he decides to really live for a change, and chaos ensues…due to all the left over life force that isn't ferried away from the world.  This has turned out to be the most endearing of the Discworld books I've read so far.  Reading it so soon after my uncles death was odd, and yet this book really touched me.  It explored how important accomplishing something, no matter how small, with your life is, and also the satisfaction of doing what you're meant to well.  I enjoyed it, chuckled quite a bit, was delighted to experience an un-dead Wendall Poons, and the anthropomorphizing of   the shopping trolley's.  I'm very amazed that Pratchett can do so many different stories without repeating himself, or sounding redundant.

Then I watched this movie: 

and was pleasantly moved.  The previews set it up to be this somewhat raunchy story of a blind man trying to get laid, but it really wasn't (thank goodness).  Instead of being sophomoric, it was an endearing look at the hidden struggles of life, if you're a little different then the people around you.  It was a precious, albeit too neat, love story, and a meaningful discussion of what is real beauty.

Then I went to the theater and saw this:

  I had wanted to see it for some time, because the previews (early ones where he's just doing his job, then sees stars) made me teary-eyed.  I have to say that for the first time in a VERY LONG TIME I have seen an animated feature that has such depth, such grace, such beauty, and conveys such complex emotions. (Sorry for the over use of such).  I also liked the message behind the story, of taking care of our own messes and, again, take pride in doing what you're meant to, well.  I laughed, and I was deeply moved, and surprised that I walked out of the theater with much to ponder.  Also I should note that I was expecting to think of Johnny #5 (geek points if you get the reference) frequently throughout this movie, but I didn't, not once.
Then I came home, and as I was getting ready for bed I watched this:

Can I just say…Joss Whedon is my hero.  I loved it.  It was well done.  I can't wait for the other episodes.  AND I love the way he's challenging entertainment industry status quo.  Plus there's singing.  Nathan Fillion Singing.  Suit Up Dr. Horrible, this is going to be…..wait for it…..Legendary!

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