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Friday Drabble

Oh the Horror  

Jenna felt sick.  She couldn't believe what she was seeing. She had just been looking for a t-shirt to put on, as last night's dress wouldn't do to sleep in, but instead she found evidence of the highest betrayal. Suddenly the last year swung into focus. Unexplained weekend disappearances, browser history, reluctance to answer pointed questions all made sense in this drawer full of boarding passes and ticket stubs.

Tom's sleepy head rose "You ok darling?" he asked.

Jenna groaned. 
It figured.  
She finally found a guy that she trusted enough to sleep with, and he was a Tea-Partier.
Once again.  A story in 100 words or less. Inspired by Ross.

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As Challenged by Ross

RossTreatment Notes

   Patient is an articulate, reasonable woman.  Well presented and neat. Answers questions with pleasant and appropriate answers. No nervous or repetitive behaviors present. Patient displays correct emotional responses to stimuli. Excellent reasoning and logic skills.  No apparent neuroses no reported voices.  Patient history is unremarkable, stable home life, well integrated in profession. In my professional opinion, nothing about her would give anyone the slightest bit of concern. Which leaves me at a complete loss as to why she felt the need to stab me with her pen.

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