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Norm and Mary Visit

I got to visit my Aunt and Uncle this weekend, and I had a great time as usual.  I enjoy them very much. The good things.  Norm has lost a lot of weight, so He looks great, and the sweater I made him looks AMAZING. If only I had a digital camera….then I could totally have taken a picture of him.  It looked wonderful. I also spent quite a bit of time with Mary. Norm wasn't feeling very well, and so she and I hung out quite a bit. Did some shopping, and had a great time.
Turns out Norm is having some serious side effects from his radiation from his prostate cancer 5 years ago.  It has caused his urethra to collapse, and he had to have surgery to rectify this Monday.  What's really rough is that, despite the hormone suppressants he's been taking, it looks like the cancer might be reoccurring.   We don't know if the tests are just a side effect of the infections he's been fighting, or it's really back.
He came through surgery just fine, and is already feeling much better.
Please keep praying for him too, and for Mary, who is carrying a lot of this on herself.  She and I had some good intimate times.  She told me some things no one else has heard her say yet, so I think it was  good thing I was able to be there for her this weekend.
I like them a lot, and am not ready to have Norm not be in my life.
Grr.  I hate Cancer!

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