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I love all things Whedon [1]

Stephenie Meyers mediocre vampire tales hold no candle to Joss's creations.[2]  It's not so much that I dislike them.  It's more that I can't stand the overwhelming passion that seems to develop towards Edward and Jacob.[3]
I'm going to see the new movie.
There I said it.
However, my friend wonderlenny and I decided to express our solidarity with the Whedon-verse by creating t-shirts that explain our points of view.[4]
Wanna see 'em?
This is mine, with Angel's tattoo on the front, and a pertinent BTVS quote on the back.
wonderlenny's contribution:
In case people needed to know how awesome Oz is, she quotes him on the back.
We're going to wear them to our viewing of Eclipse.  Hopefully no one will Grape Slushie us. [5]
1. Whedon as in Joss Whedon. Creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse, and Dr. Horribles Sing-a-long blog. Writer, director, cameo actor, comic book creator.
2. I like them anyway. They're a fun tale. Plus the author loves Muse.  Sadly that gives her points in my book.  I do however object to the shoddy editing of the books.  Inexcusable!
3.  In the interest of full disclosure, I'm solidly Team Jacob.  Slightly less so after having read the "Midnight Sun" excerpt on Meyer's web site.
4. Full disclosure again, it was her idea.  I went along for the ride.
5. Gleek points for the reference.

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I have just not had a very good go of it the last few days.

"Let me e'splain.  No, there is too much.  Let me sum up" [1]
Thursday I had to drive someone to Gary, IN for family therapy.  With two teens in the car we became stuck in a dark, rundown section of Gary at 8:30 at night with a flat tire that wouldn't come off of the car.
Someone stopped and helped us, and had to take a firemans axe to it to knock the tire loose so we could put the spare on.  Then we had to drive home (several hrs) on a donut. This is the nutshell version.  There are various other outrages and insults that are involved.
The next day the cops came to the hotel I run and arrested an employee that I've had for 9 yrs for identity theft.  I know her kids, and grandkid. 
I had to pick her out of a lineup, and make a statement.
It was horrible.
I felt sick.
I still do.
Life in my world.
I am really feeling the need for serious Buffy time again.
1. geek points for the reference

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So this has been an odd first weekend home.


I'm not so sure I want to be here. Work was a nightmare to come back to.  It is amazing what people forget when I'm not present. Took Rachel to church with me.  It was good for her.  Brings home again to me how some people desperately need what others are tired of. Really bitch slapped me again, spiritually speaking.

Went to see Over the Rhine Friday night.  I've never, ever regretted a moment I spend listening to them.  The last time I felt this unlocking in me.  What I mean by that is, often, when I sit down to write, create, play etc, I find that what I hear or want to write is just beyond my reach, like I hear the echo of what I'm meant to create, and just can't quite reach it.  Every once in a while something unlocks the door, and I can tangibly touch the cache of creative mess that I have, and can put words or notes to paper.  Over the Rhine did that to me the last time I saw them in concert, and I was so frustrated to not be close to home, because by the time I made it to my house, I had lost the connection, and looked at the notes I had hurriedly jotted in my palm pilot with regret, as they were now lost to me.  This time I saw them was beautiful, and so bittersweet.  Many of the songs that they sung were out of thier journey to save a marriage gone stale and sour.  One of my fave songs that that the do is Born. Simply put, this song chronicles thier choice to spend a while just getting to know each other again.  Every night they would open a bottle of wine and sit at the table, just talking and listening, until the bottle was gone.  I love the song, and the way they chose to fight for thier commitment, even though they didn't know if what they were fighting for was worth saving.  What made this so bittersweet was that my friend was there, and she and her husband are in the process of calling it quits, they are watching thier marriage crumble, and not trying at all to even air things out.  Being in the crossfire of the Marriage that survived, and the one on life support, was so hard for me. God knows, it's not about me, but I was grieving for my friends and thier loss. How very heartbreaking!  I can't imagine what it must feel like to believe that there was nothing worth saving between you and the one you once loved.

The dog resents me, and the fact that I won't let him run outside all the time.  He gets his own back by taking over my bed at night, but at least he keeps me warm.

My Car is Fixed.  Those of you who know what a journey this has been, understand how monumental it is.  But it starts every time right away!  A dumb 64 dollar piece of equipment.  $700 later, someone finally figures this out.  I wish I knew how to fix my own car.

I got caught up on Battlestar Galactica.  I love that show. I still maintain that I think Starbuck's a cylon, but we'll see.

I loved the bombshell, and the use of "all along the watchtower"  That's got to be among the top 10 songs of all time.

"Somewhere between Jesus dying on the cross for our sins, and a giant bunny hiding eggs there seems to be a little gap in information."  I love South Park. Maybe Anya's right, Bunnies are evil :).  Please excuse the pop culture references, I'm a huge Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan.

It snowed today, and I texted my family to tell them it was snowing. They all texted back boasting of the lovely crisp warm sunny day they had. Beth said she wished she was here, Dad wished I was there.  I think thats what I think too. I wish I wasn't here alone.

Now I should Go to bed, and prepare to go to work again tomorrow.

Life as I know it.

I would include the Over the Rhine song, but Vox and my computer are arguing.


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