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Membership Card Received

On Labor day I unexpectedly found myself without Labor, so I took off, friend in tow, to Meijer Sculpture Gardens.  We wanted to see the Chihuly Exhibit, both being huge fans.  What we found was so much more.  Such as beautiful Sculpture, lovely gardens, Marshlands and wooded areas, and hands on kids areas.

Of course we did see some Chihuly.   A few of my favorites:

Close up of the sunaka What should be on my bedroom ceilingI’ve uploaded quite a few of my favorites. They’re in my gallery.  If you want to browse at your leisure, check out my Picasa Gallery and the 350 odd pictures from the day in there.

I forgot how necessary beauty is to my well-being.

I was so recharged that I considered becoming a member.  Since I am a student the membership for a year is only $25.  It seemed incredibly reasonable.  Add to this (or subtract from this) the fact that my admission ticket from that day was deducted from the cost I only had to pay $16 for a year membership with all kinds of perks.  One being the butterfly garden where they bring in thousands of butterflies for several weeks in the spring.

I got my card in the mail last night.  I am so excited.  I can’t wait to go back.

I bet Chihuly is beautiful in the autumn.


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Disclaimer:  These things are not necessarily in chronological order
My brother cross-dressed for his church panto…"Peter Pan and the Pirates of the Caribbean"  He was the cook.  Check him out.

Apparently the good looks run in the family.

So my mom came to visit…it was good.  It wore me out.  We went to Wisc. to visit her extended family. We went to my cousin's house (itching to vent but it will only make me look petty) and hung out with his kids. I'll spare you the story of how I got chastised for not giving my mother grandkids.

KL, B, and MumB, Mum, and meAunt Chris, B, and MumBekki, and KL and Maddi

Mom is now using a cane to get around.  That kinda  killed me.  I mean every downhill turn she takes comes all at once for me not gradually, as it would if I was there.

I finished Norms sweater, and mailed it off.  It had a hiccup.  I followed the pattern to a t, and found that the sleeves looked really tight, so I knitted a strip to go up the middle of the sleeve, and added it in.  His response?  He called me and asked how I got it to fit so perfectly.  I'll post a pic of him in it when he sends it to me.

Other knitting projects?  Cousins kid got a sweater and hat, Lily got a hooded cape jacket, and her sister to be has one almost done.
Yet to be finished, the jacket and dress for Zion, and the fingerless gloves I'm knitting myself.

Christmas…mostly good.  My sister Beth scored in amazing ways.  She got me some Swarovski Crystal Tie necklaces ( i collect ties, and love jewelry)  She got me a little miss compendium book, a great bag for my knitting, and a collection of classic books on cd (Frankenstein, Middlemarch, Crime and Punishment, Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, Northanger Abbey, Pride and Prejudice, Great Expectations, and more.  10 IN ALL)   She rocks!
Mum got me a $100 gift card to Starbuck's. It made me so happy as I'd cut them out of my budget in order to save more money.

Ok  Random Facts:
I spent more than 6 hrs on this web site http://www.chihuly.com
Here is a taste of what you will see

Atlantis moonChihuly gold paintbrushesAtlantis ChandelierKew ChandelierChihuly at KewGlass Grass at KewSun at Kew Gardensfireworks of glass in indy

This mans artistry is amazing.  But morbid though it is….I want to know how he lost his eye.

I've been reading a lot of Jasper Fforde in my car

. Very amusing.
Plus I've been starting to read the third Dallas Willard book in book club.

I'm very excited….I love Dallas Willard.

Other books accomplished?  3 of the Jane Austin mysteries, Persuasion, The big Over Easy, Sourcery and the Wyrd Sisterd (Terry Pratchett), The Kite Runner, Become Jane Austin, Leonard Sweets book 'Summoned to Lead', a re-read of Velvet Elvis, The Black Dossier, and the Miraculous journey of Edward Tulane.  In the works at the moment, besides the Willard and Fforde books, The Uglies, and several graphic novels/comic books, and Stardust

I'm working my way back through 3 seasons of Veronica Mars….(my friend B is now a new recruit, though she told me off for making her love a show that had Paris Hilton as a guest star.  We both needed mental enema's after that). 
I saw, and loved, Sweeny Todd.
My birthday is in a month.  I'll be 35.
Good lord I'm old.
I'm working like a crazy person, training another newbie, and trying to settle into life again now that the holidays are done.  Maybe, after a few more months pass, I can put in a photo collage of our trip to see Tori Amos in Milwaukee.

Oh and the baby rant I had a few posts ago…yeah I'm going to have to go ahead and expand that.  In 12 months there will be 12 new babies in my circle of acquaintance.  OUCH.

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Sigur Rós


Just to remind me that there still is some in the world.

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