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Although this is the first, it is surprisingly one of my favorite episodes. Kelly’s take on it is here. The weariness of humanity is so evident, not only since as far as they know they are the only survivors of the Human Race desperately battling to exist, but they’ve been awake for way too long.  Somehow, despite all the efforts of the fleet to run, the Cylons keep finding them, with peculiar regularity, every 33 minutes.

This really is a fight against Death; one that every person is working to win against all odds. They have to make space jumps to distance the fleet from the danger of the Cylons, having to reboot the Faster Than Light drives each time.  This involves complex equations and setting up of in finicky equipment. And then, in the course of human events, one needs to fail.  Bring on The Olympic Carrier, its 2000 passengers, and it’s malfunctioning FTL Drive.

Trying to figure out what to do about this ship that can’t escape when the Cylons appear, under the influence of extreme exhaustion due to lack of sleep , as it has been days of repetitive jumps with little or no rest for the weary, really amps up the Power struggles that occur.  People start showing the inner ugliness that can emerge when being so sleep deprived you can’t think straight removes the filters one puts in place to prevent anyone seeing the real you. It is clear in the relationship between Starbuck and Apollo, Tigh and Starbuck, but the best of these is the struggle between the government (Roslin) and the military(Adama) over how to handle every situation.  Adama doesn’t want to seem like a usurper, but yet doesn’t trust Roslin’s ability to lead.  I, however, LOVE Roslin, and her wisdom and ability to really work situations to her advantage.  She’s quite the force to be reckoned with, and many people underestimate this.

It becomes clear, mostly through the Hallucinations of the Cylon Six that Gaius Baltar is having, that the Cylons have planted a device on the bridge of the Battlestar that is pretty much like a Homing device that is bringing the Cylons to the fleet.  Gaius is not my favorite person, but he plays insane so well. As I said before I found that he is extremely self-preserving.  His ‘visions’ of Six, and her machinations,  lead him to believe that he’s chosen by God to fulfill a role, which he simultaneously sees as only natural, given his genius, and something to be cynical of, since it requires his repentance and submission to something else other than himself. With the help of Imaginary Six he finds the homing device, and is seen as vital and necessary to the ongoing survival of the Fleet. Even after watching this show several times there are still some days I can’t look at him without thinking of Bridget Jones, and his role in that movie.  Narcissism must be on his SAG card under “things I do with great Aplomb”.

Added bonuses on this episode include the return of Helo, who was meant to die off after the mini-series, but who got resurrected due to his tremendous appeal to the audience.  He’s down on Caprica, trying to survive, not run out of anti-radiation meds, and runs into the Cylon Sleeper agent Sharon ‘Boomer’ Valeri.  His story line is proving to be not only fun, but providing us with much needed action.

The end of the episode comes with a huge cost.  Apollo has to make a choice that might mean he’s responsible for the death of almost 2000 people, and it wears on him. An unlikely ally, President Roslin, gives him some solace he didn’t expect, with a story from life before, and her predecessor, President Adar.  You see again, just what an amazing woman she is.  There is an unexpected gift at the end which, though delivered in the course of just a few sentences, mitigates the horror, disaster, and weariness that has dominated the episode.  We learn that the Fleet has actually grown, by one.  A new life has been born into this turbulent world, and for a moment that small grace is enough to sustain.

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In which I say a very lot and promise to not blog anything of this length for a regular episode again.

That post in which Kelly comments on the same miniseries and says things much more succinctly than I do.

Battlestar Galactica: The Miniseries


            From the opening sequence I was hooked on this show, and seeing it again captivates me just as much. The story of a History of a far off series of worlds:  Man created sentient machines.  The machines revolted, and there was war.  Of course it was hard fought and bitter, and a truce was reached.  Mankind would get the 12 colonies, and the Cylons, the Machines, would get uncharted space.  Each year a representative of man would go to a far off outpost in space to reaffirm a treaty with the Cylons.  For years the Cylons didn’t show; until now.

            The beginning sequence shows a Stunningly gorgeous woman come in and meet with the human representative, and ultimately be a part of killing him, signifying that a) the Cylons now look like Humans and b) that they’re ready to be at war with humans again, in a BIG way.

            This just opens the door for all kinds of fun, not only is it going to be a new kind of warfare…fighting something that looks exactly like you…. But it is going to open the door to make this series more than just a story but a basis for the creative exploration of philosophical and spiritual questions.  Even from the very beginning in this mini-series, it’s clear that the creators and writers are not going to shy away from these discussions.  It’s also clear that they know you can’t have a good discussion if you don’t have a good story, and you don’t have a good story unless you have good characters. BSG had good [1] characters in abundance.

            The story is deceptively simple.  The Cylons, in a well orchestrated effort, aided by sabotage in the main computer networks and lots of nukes, take out the 12 colonies, on the 12 planets that humans occupy.  They decimate the colonial Fleet of ships, and systematically try to exterminate the human race. But there is a catch (there always is), Battlestar Galactica.  At the start of the miniseries you find that this Battlestar [2] is about to be decommissioned and turned into a museum.  This, combined with its older technology and the paranoid actions of its Captain (who fought in the last Cylon War), has ensured that it is not victim of the same computer failures, and, against all odds, Galactica is the sole ship in the Colonial Fleet to survive. They join with about 30 other civilian ships that have escaped, and unite to try and preserve what is left of the human race.

            What makes this show so different from the run of the mill Sci-fi shows are the relationships between the characters [3], and the questions that these raise.  BSG manages to create a story in space that is engaging and intelligent, but at the same time stirring all kinds of Philosophical musings.  What does it mean to be human? What is life?  Do Machines have a soul?  Is there a God, one or many?  Is life ordained and destined or is fate your own to make?  Is all of humanity responsible for the sins of the past? Is there room for atonement? Later, as the series progresses it takes on issues like liberty, racism, democracy, terrorism, oppression, death and Resurrection, all within the confines of a taut, intense story of survival, intertwined with the complex relationships that these characters have. 

It is enjoyable to re-watch this and still enjoy it so much, and be able to pick up on the things that I missed the first time when I didn’t know what the outcome would be.

Couple of things in this episode I really loved:  When Roslin became president it was on the heels of finding out she was dying.  The woman who really was a Teacher is now becoming the one in charge of Humanity’s survival.  You see her stepping into authority with an amazing mixture of strength and fear.  Her hands shake as she says her oath, but she fights tooth and nail with Adama about the continuing mission of the Battlestar.  I love that she alone is able to convince him of the thing we all comprehend but he’s missed: War is over.  Humanity Lost. She’s intelligent and capable, but on a learning curve few could even imagine.  I like that even within herself she is a metaphor for the show.  She is a battle between life and death. You want to protect her and hide behind her all at the same time.

Starbuck just makes me happy.  She’s a mess.  She’s often an impulsive, self-sufficient spitfire  but dammed if I wouldn’t want her in my corner, and over at my house for parties, even if just to play Guitar Hero with J

Ew….Baltar.  They made him a complete unmittigated Ass!  His sole concern is Numero Uno.  Dr. Gaius himself.  I keep hoping he gets his comeuppance. Every time he’s told God has brought him here I keep thinking ‘Why Him?  Why this joke of a man? Wasn’t there anyone better? Surely you want someone who actually cares for someone else?  Why give him this great gift, this destiny?”  A distinctly Salieri-esque response I know.

The Miniseries ends with a new mission.  To find the lost 13th colony, Earth.  Adama uses it to motivate the survivors to carry on, and not give up.  It’s clear he doesn’t believe it’s possible, but then we the viewers are given hope we didn’t expect.  This actually may have been prophesied. So, onwards to Earth.  Something (probably the fact that I’ve seen it before) tells me this isn’t going to be the easiest of Journeys, but I’m sure enjoying it, even the second time around.


1. Good meaning well written, complex, engaging, but not necessarily a good person in the moral sense.

2. Flagship style warship of the 12 colonies’ war fleet.

3.    William Adama: Captain of Battlestar Galactica.  On the verge of Retiring. Hardlined. Paranoid. Divorced.  One son Dead, the other, Estranged.  Exacting, but oddly lenient to certain people’s flaws.  XO is close personal friend.  Also has odd relationship with Dead Son’s fiancée, Starbuck.

     Lee “Apollo” Adama:  Fighter Pilot, and officer.  Came for fathers decommissioning.  Has strained relationship with dad.  Excellent, by the books kind of guy. Latent attraction to dead bro’s fiancée.

     Kara “Starbuck” Thrace: Hotshot, pushes every limit, can do anything she wants to, is very free, but also very imprisoned by her own secrets. She can fly like no one else, and is the consummate fighter pilot.  She is also a good flight instructor, but carries with her the fact that she passed her fiancé in flight school when she shouldn’t have, and it lead to his accidental death.  Not afraid of a fight, but also has love/hate relationship with  intimacy. Very close relationship with Captain Adama who is almost like a father figure.

     Laura Roslin: Minister of Education of the Colonies. 43rd in line of succession to the President.  She is on Galactica for the Decommissioning, after just learning she has terminal Breast Cancer, and a year to live.  Turns out, after the Cylon Attack she’s the most senior ranking official left alive, making her president. The Glorified School Teacher becomes a surprisingly adept leader with the ability to see things that others do not, and is very caring about the human race that is left.

          Colonel Saul Tigh:  Alcoholic, long time friend of Captain Adama, Self Destructive, but good officer in a pinch.  Loathes Starbuck, and the feeling is mutual.  Hates Cylons, has fought in the last cylon war.

     Various other ones that will be important are ‘Helo’ Agathon, a pilot who is stranded on Caprica, and falls in love with Sharon Valeri, another Pilot, who has a tremendous secret.  Gaius Baltar, a Genius and lothario and has had an affair with a Cylon, Six, who concrete hallucinations only he can see/feel. Chief Tyrol, who heads up ship maintenance, and has also been in love with Valeri much to his detriment. Gaeta, who works in the command center.  Also important are several of the revealed Cylon models.  We know 4 at the end of this miniseries.  Two Males, and Two females, one of whom it turns out is Sharon Valeri.

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Kelly and I are starting, and My friend Becky Will be joining us soon.  We're going to watch all the way through the whole series and Blog on it, and link to each others posts.  Hope you enjoy the process as much as we will 🙂
Feel Free to watch along and post your points of view too.

Battlestar Galactica: Miniseries Bekki Kelly Becky

Season 1:


33: Bekki Kelly Becky

Water: Bekki Kelly Becky

Bastille Day: Bekki Kelly Becky

Act of Contrition: Bekki Kelly Becky

You Can’t Go Home Again: Bekki Kelly Becky

Litmus: Bekki Kelly Becky

Six Degrees of Separation: Bekki Kelly Becky

Flesh and Bone: Bekki Kelly Becky

Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down: Bekki Kelly Becky

The Hand of God: Bekki Kelly Becky

Colonial Day: Bekki Kelly Becky

Kobol’s Last Gleaming, Part 1: Bekki Kelly Becky

Kobol’s Last Gleaming, Part 2: Bekki Kelly Becky


Season 2.0:


Scattered: Bekki Kelly Becky

Valley of Darkness: Bekki Kelly Becky

Fragged: Bekki Kelly Becky

Resistance: Bekki Kelly Becky

The Farm: Bekki Kelly Becky

Home (Part 1): Bekki Kelly Becky

Home (Part 2): Bekki Kelly Becky

Final Cut: Bekki Kelly Becky

Flight of the Phoenix: Bekki Kelly Becky

Pegasus: Bekki Kelly Becky


Season 2:5


Pegasus (extended episode): Bekki Kelly Becky

Resurrection Ship: Part 1: Bekki Kelly Becky

Resurrection Ship: Part 2: Bekki Kelly Becky

Epiphanies: Bekki Kelly Becky

Black Market: Bekki Kelly Becky

Scar: Bekki Kelly Becky

Sacrifice: Bekki Kelly Becky

The Captain’s Hand: Bekki Kelly Becky


Downloaded: Bekki Kelly Becky

Lay Down Your Burdens: Part 1: Bekki Kelly Becky

Lay Down Your Burdens: Part 2: Bekki Kelly Becky


The Resistance Webisodes: Bekki Kelly Becky

Season 3:


Occupation: Bekki Kelly Becky

Precipice: Bekki Kelly Becky

Exodus: Part 1: Bekki Kelly Becky

Exodus: Part 2: Bekki Kelly Becky

Collaborators: Bekki Kelly Becky

Torn: Bekki Kelly Becky

A Measure of Salvation: Bekki Kelly Becky

Hero: Bekki Kelly Becky

Unfinished Business: Bekki Kelly Becky

Unfinished Business: The Ron Moore Version: Bekki Kelly Becky

The Passage: Bekki Kelly Becky

The Eye of Jupiter: Bekki Kelly Becky

Rapture: Bekki Kelly Becky

Taking a Break From All Your Worries: Bekki Kelly Becky

The Woman King: Bekki Kelly Becky

A Day in the Life: Bekki Kelly Becky

Dirty Hands: Bekki Kelly Becky

Maelstrom: Bekki Kelly Becky

The Son Also Rises: Bekki Kelly Becky

Crossroads: Part 1: Bekki Kelly Becky

Crossroads: Part 2: Bekki Kelly Becky


Razor: Bekki Kelly Becky


Season 4.0:


He That Believeth in Me: Bekki Kelly Becky

Six of One: Bekki Kelly Becky

The Ties That Bind: Bekki Kelly Becky

Escape Velocity: Bekki Kelly Becky

The Road Less Traveled: Bekki Kelly Becky

Faith: Bekki Kelly Becky

Guess What’s Coming to Dinner: Bekki Kelly Becky

Sine Qua Non: Bekki Kelly Becky

The Hub: Bekki Kelly Becky

Revalations: Bekki Kelly Becky


Season 4.5:

Face of the Enemy Webisodes: Bekki Kelly Becky


Sometimes a Great Notion: Bekki Kelly Becky

A Disquiet Follows My Soul: Bekki Kelly Becky

The Oath: Bekki Kelly Becky

Blood on the Scales: Bekki Kelly Becky

No Exit: Bekki Kelly Becky

Deadlock: Bekki Kelly Becky

Someone to Watch Over Me: Bekki Kelly Becky

Islanded in a Stream of Stars: Bekki Kelly Becky

Daybreak: Part 1: Bekki Kelly Becky

Daybreak: Part 2: Bekki Kelly Becky

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It’s been my personal mission for some time to get my friends on the Battlestar Galactica  bandwagon.  I’ve introduced numerous friends, and begged them to see what I see, one of the best show’s I’ve ever seen on TV.   Mostly it’s not been hard.  College student’s have caught episodes over lunch breaks, church friends have blown through 4 episodes in one night.  I’ve even recently elicited a promise from a long time friend and 1978 BSG purist to get over his preconceived prejudice and borrow Season 1 from me. As exciting as this is, I finally now get the one thing I’ve wanted since I started this show.  Someone to watch it as I’m watching it, and converse with me on the happenings of the 12 colonies, and sharing (hopefully) in my deep enjoyment of this series. 

            My friend and fellow blogophile, Kelly, is starting at the beginning, as am I , and the two of us are going to blog our way through the entire series.  We’ll even be linking to each other’s blogs.  I’m going to endeavor not to spoil anything for her, and she’s going to try to not hate it.  You, dear readers, get to go along for the ride.

            My guess is, if this goes well, you may see us tag teaming through the indomitable Veronica Mars, and/or my personal strength finder Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 

            If you want to join us, the last season is going to be out on DVD end of this month, and all episodes will be available to watch.  As this is Kellys first time, please be kind and don’t spoil it with anything akin to “Darth Vader is Luke’s Father” or “Soylent Green is People”.  Let her find out for herself that this whole thing is an hallucination in Hurley’s head on her own. 🙂


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So this has been an odd first weekend home.


I'm not so sure I want to be here. Work was a nightmare to come back to.  It is amazing what people forget when I'm not present. Took Rachel to church with me.  It was good for her.  Brings home again to me how some people desperately need what others are tired of. Really bitch slapped me again, spiritually speaking.

Went to see Over the Rhine Friday night.  I've never, ever regretted a moment I spend listening to them.  The last time I felt this unlocking in me.  What I mean by that is, often, when I sit down to write, create, play etc, I find that what I hear or want to write is just beyond my reach, like I hear the echo of what I'm meant to create, and just can't quite reach it.  Every once in a while something unlocks the door, and I can tangibly touch the cache of creative mess that I have, and can put words or notes to paper.  Over the Rhine did that to me the last time I saw them in concert, and I was so frustrated to not be close to home, because by the time I made it to my house, I had lost the connection, and looked at the notes I had hurriedly jotted in my palm pilot with regret, as they were now lost to me.  This time I saw them was beautiful, and so bittersweet.  Many of the songs that they sung were out of thier journey to save a marriage gone stale and sour.  One of my fave songs that that the do is Born. Simply put, this song chronicles thier choice to spend a while just getting to know each other again.  Every night they would open a bottle of wine and sit at the table, just talking and listening, until the bottle was gone.  I love the song, and the way they chose to fight for thier commitment, even though they didn't know if what they were fighting for was worth saving.  What made this so bittersweet was that my friend was there, and she and her husband are in the process of calling it quits, they are watching thier marriage crumble, and not trying at all to even air things out.  Being in the crossfire of the Marriage that survived, and the one on life support, was so hard for me. God knows, it's not about me, but I was grieving for my friends and thier loss. How very heartbreaking!  I can't imagine what it must feel like to believe that there was nothing worth saving between you and the one you once loved.

The dog resents me, and the fact that I won't let him run outside all the time.  He gets his own back by taking over my bed at night, but at least he keeps me warm.

My Car is Fixed.  Those of you who know what a journey this has been, understand how monumental it is.  But it starts every time right away!  A dumb 64 dollar piece of equipment.  $700 later, someone finally figures this out.  I wish I knew how to fix my own car.

I got caught up on Battlestar Galactica.  I love that show. I still maintain that I think Starbuck's a cylon, but we'll see.

I loved the bombshell, and the use of "all along the watchtower"  That's got to be among the top 10 songs of all time.

"Somewhere between Jesus dying on the cross for our sins, and a giant bunny hiding eggs there seems to be a little gap in information."  I love South Park. Maybe Anya's right, Bunnies are evil :).  Please excuse the pop culture references, I'm a huge Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan.

It snowed today, and I texted my family to tell them it was snowing. They all texted back boasting of the lovely crisp warm sunny day they had. Beth said she wished she was here, Dad wished I was there.  I think thats what I think too. I wish I wasn't here alone.

Now I should Go to bed, and prepare to go to work again tomorrow.

Life as I know it.

I would include the Over the Rhine song, but Vox and my computer are arguing.


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