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So I challenged myself to write a limerick, after listening to "Wait Wait Don't tell me".  Here's the best one I came up with.

When whipped with a light switch of willow
I softly cried into my pillow
With no pause to chat
I soon dealt with that
And my how that switch smoke did billow

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She tucked a wayward lock of her dark hair behind her ear.  She was breathing heavily now. Her cheeks were flushed, and she could feel little beads of sweat forming on her scalp. Damn it was hot. She squinted up at the sky.  The sun was high, and merciless.  Any sane person would be inside right now, air conditioner cranked to high, escaping the crushing humidity, but here she was, practically running through the woods. She was getting tired, but still she pressed on, and the further she got, the more relief rose up in her. She had left, she had really walked out; she was done!

            She pushed against the branches of the soursops tree, her movements brusque, edgy even, and, for a brief moment, the reality of her actions threatened to overcome her. What if? What if? What if? What if?  Oh God….Oh God, what if? She stopped, bent, hands on her knees, catching her breath, calming the panic.  The squiggle of hair escaped again.  She could see it out of the corner of her eye, dancing in a soft breeze.  The breath of calm that she had needed, blowing gently over her skin, brought the goose bumps out.  She shivered deliciously, wriggling like a fish, in an ocean of evergreens, and then she saw it.  It glinted seductively behind the tree line, and, instinctively, she headed towards it.  The sun danced over the ripples of the creek, and the water felt cool to her touch.  She stripped quickly, making a small mound of her shed clothes, and splashed in, up to her waist.

            The crystal water lapped against her overheated skin, and giving voice to the mounting joy she felt, she laughed out loud.  It felt good to be single again.                                                                                        

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 Ross passed on the 5 word challenge to me this week, and so here are the 5 words for you all to take on.

1. Emergent

2. Chatty

3. Possession

4. Immobile

5. Phobic

I can't wait to see what you come up with.




   It is spring, and the phobic confinement of the winter months is over. In its place is the overabundance of green and all things lush that accompany the rebirth of the world.  The dog can run and play outside, investigating each and every bit of the yard, establishing his possession of land, as only he can. Chatty birds fill the morning stillness with song, as they set about, preparing a place for the potential they will soon bring forth.  And I, I view this emergent time with the cynicism of one who is broken in spirit, and barren in body. But I refuse to remain immobile. I will one day, dance the dance of life, possessing the unforced rhythms with the grace that comes from choosing to morn the death of my desires, and not be consumed by their loss.

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