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Sorry,  lack of interwebs at the house made keeping to this daily an impossibility.  I will finish it.  I promise.

1. A Scottish accent and a roguish smile

2. A hand at the small of my back.

3. Eyes lighting up when I’m espied.


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Interesting.  4 Turn-off’s

1. Willful Ignorance – especially about politics, faith, poverty, history, racism, or those in need.

2. Superficiality

3. Arrogance at the expense of others.

4. Treating serving staff with disrespect.


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Surprisingly rough.  I guess I don’t regret as much as I was afraid I might.  Cutting my hair, or giving away Lego’s just doesn’t seem significant enough for this/

1.  Lost contact with Anna T., Rebecca M., Rachel P., Kristine P., and Jen.  Good friends from England and College the first time around. I miss them.  It was stupid to let the relationships fall by the wayside.

2. Stayed in the US when the family moved to UK.

3. Chosen Anderson University over Goshen College. (Goshen college is a Mennonite school. Excellent academically, but a good 2/3’s of my graduating high school class – I was attending a Mennonite High School at the time – went there, and I ran in the opposite direction.  I should have stayed put because – read like those annoying car insurance commercials with the crazy woman with the weird hair poof and obnoxious voice –  a) my dad was a Mennonite minister-> DISCOUNT! b) my mum was adjunct staff in the music department-> DISCOUNT! c) it was in my small town and I could have lived at home for free and practically walked to school -> DISCOUNT! d) my class standing, GPA, and SAT scores would have ensured scholarship funding->DISCOUNT!  I could have pretty much attended for free and graduated with not a penny owed. *Facepalm*)

4. Stayed in private school for all of High School

5. Grew to big to ride a Big Wheel and the Sit -n- spin, though the latter is really fun if you’re in the mood to whip things off to all corners of the room, i.e. matchbox cars.  Just place said hotwheels on the base of the sit-n-spin, and turn the handle wheel.  Watch those suckers fly. [1]

6. Quit maintaining my classical skills on the piano

1. File under: things you discover when you are keeping a 3 yr old up all night for a sleep deprived MRI.

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1. What should I go to grad school for?

2. If I can get x done by y time then I can watch an episode of z before bed! [1]

3.  My Family

4. Am I really as smart as everyone thinks I am?  I don’t know.  If I was, shouldn’t I be able to do/fix/work out ________?

5. Financial concerns

6. Vacillation between I wish I had and I’m glad I don’t have for the following: Kids, Husband/Man friend, more money)

7. Am I being as good a friend as I can be to ________? (there are several people who fit this category)





1.  x = school or housework, y = usually 11pm, and z currently = Farscape or Season 3 of Mad Men

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1.  Treat those you have authority over with dignity and respect.  This includes wait staff and teenagers.

2. Be captivated with all the random things that come out of my mouth, but ready to challenge me with grace if I need it.

3. Random fascinating little gifts.

4. See as much beauty in me as I see in myself.

5. Have a deep faith that has been challenged, and exists despite the mystery that is God.

6. Play with my hair.

7. See my depth and want it more than the window dressing that exists all around.

8. Surprise me.


(the more superficial ones) laugh lines, strong hands,  a singing voice that is in tune and interesting, and a UK passport 😉

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Ten Day Challenge

I ran across this on a friends blog.  Each day there is a different task.

Here goes.

1.  More than anything, it makes me sad that you do not see me.  It’s your failing, and I’m tired of paying the cost.

2.  You are special to me. There is not but to that statement, so stop reading a ‘but’  into it.

3. You are so spoiled, and it makes you useless to everyone else here.

4. Get it together chuck.  They deserve more than what you’re giving.

5. I have never seen courage as great as yours.

6. I hate that your victory makes me ache.  I want to be so happy for you, and I am, but I hate that I have to hide how angry I am.

7. I think you and I have differing ideas of how important this friendship is.

8. Thank you for seeing that I carry too much, and recognizing that you need to carry some.  Your encouragement over the last 9 months has been so important.

9. Your growth in the last year is amazing.  I wish I could give you more confidence.

10. I think you need to find something else.  That job is such a waste for you.  You’re far more gifted.


OK. See y’all tomorrow with section two.

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